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House Cleaning


General house cleanings include dusting, washing all glass tops and mirrors, vacuuming floors, washing countertops.  We hand wash all floors and bathroom fixtures. We customize our services to what you want.

Additional Services



Includes removal of leaves and debris, vacuuming of walls and ceilings, and a washing of the floor.


Basements (unfinished)


Includes brushing of walls and ceilings, mvoing items to vacuum and wash under and behind, washing of floor and stairs.


Mattress Flipping


Washing Inside Windows



Deep Spring Cleaning


Same services as a general cleaning with the added moving of all the furniture and appliances.  Can include washing the cabinets, woodwork, and inside of the windows.  This again will be customized to your needs.

Move In/Out Cleaning


Includes general/spring cleaning services as well as disinfecting all cabinets and the refridgerator. Brushing walls and ceilings to remove dust.  We customize to your needs.

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